Web ExclusiveGreenWood, Inc., an integrated operations, maintenance and construction solutions provider, recently celebrated a safety milestone of 4.5 million safe work hours at their Merck project site in Elkton, Virginia.

GreenWood provides Merck with various construction related services. The safety celebration recognized the GreenWood and Merck relationship spanning over 20 years without a lost time injury. 

More than 200 employees, their families and retirees enjoyed a catered dinner along with door prizes and special gifts to mark the occasion. GreenWood management presented the site with a commemorative plaque that highlighted the 4.5 million safe work hours achievement. 

“There is nothing more important than ensuring the safety and physical well-being of our employees at all times,” says Brad Wood, President of GreenWood. “Safe work practices are emphasized by all levels of management, supervisors and employees regardless of the type work performed. Our ongoing goal is zero incidents with an unwavering focus on safety awareness. Being able to celebrate this significant safety milestone with Merck is a privilege.  We applaud all the teams and individuals who make it a daily effort to work safely.”

GreenWood is an active participant in all safety programs to complement the high standards set by Merck with an ongoing focus for preventing incidents, accidents and injuries

Now at least some readers of ISHN magazine will be skeptical that such a record could be reached without hiding injuries, propping up injured workers in light duty jobs, very aggressive return to work efforts, etc. We asked Greenwood to address such skepticism.

Reported William Russell, marketing pilot for The Marketing Beacon.com, during this time of year, the GreenWood guys spend an enormous amount of time on the road visiting every project site before Christmas. This is when luncheons are held and employee appreciation events take place. 

Directly related to this, GreenWood has an established safety process called the Drive to Zero - - for zero accidents, incidents, etc. 

A safety pyramid illustration supports this approach to provide their project sites with the key elements to performing safely at all times including foundational activities, preparation, execution and ultimately the results. 

This specific safety approach complements a customer’s safety program to ensure that all employees work together to prevent lost-time incidents.  Posters with the Drive to Zero and safety pyramid illustration are distributed and posted at all sites along with supporting literature for best safety practices. 

Training is also provided routinely to keep employees aware of the latest safety procedures and standards.

About GreenWood, Inc.

GreenWood provides integrated maintenance, operations and construction solutions designed to extend the life of critical assets, influence operational efficiencies and deliver bottom line improvements for plants and facilities throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic.  The company operates under a “Customer-Centered” philosophy where safety performance is always first and our flexibility to respond to customer needs is an ongoing priority. For more information, visit www.GreenWoodInc.com.