Incidents involving hazardous materials can devastate a company. For hazmat employees, they can result in serious injuries, or worse. They can also cause damage to a company’s reputation, equipment, property, product and the environment.

To help reduce the potential for hazmat incidents, J. J. Keller has developed Hazmat Training: What’s Required & How to Comply.

Most training programs cover one, two, or sometimes three areas required by the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR). J. J. Keller’s new training program covers four areas of required training:
•    General Awareness/Familiarization training
•    Function-specific training
•    Safety training
•    Security Awareness training

Function-specific training is considered the most challenging to provide. This is because training must be individualized for employees based on the specific parts of the HMR that apply to their job descriptions.

“We created this training program to help trainers identify the function-specific training requirements of individual employees, and to instruct hazmat employees how to do their jobs safely and correctly,” said Randy Skoog, editor of hazmat transportation content for J. J. Keller. “This program is thorough, effective and personal.”

The program includes innovative training tools that enable the trainer to:
•    Involve hazmat employees in the training process, so their learning experience reflects the specific taskseach one performs at the company; and
•    Personalize the program to align with company policies and procedures.

Components of Hazmat Employee Training: What’s Required & How to Comply include a closed-captioned DVD video, a comprehensive Instructor Manual that guides trainers through the material and helps them build in company-specific information, a Trainer Tools CD-ROM containing customizable training materials, and a Hazmat Employee Training Packet containing a workbook, handbook, hazmat label chart, hazmat placard chart, hazmat marking chart, and load and segregation chart. (Additional packets may be purchased separately and are recommended for each trainee.) The training program is available for $415 by calling 800-327-6868 and referencing Promo Code 105929, or by visiting

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