Pilz automation systemPilz is expanding the range of programming tools in the automation system PSS 4000 with the editor PAS LD (Ladder Diagram). It can be used to create safety-related programs, programs for automation tasks or a combination of the two. Within the Pilz automation system the new editor can be freely combined with the other EN/IEC 61131-3 PLC programming languages, so that even complex automation tasks can be handled simply and consistently.

 With PAS LD there is now another editor available for programming the control systems PSSuniversal PLC in the automation system PSS 4000, alongside the already established editors PAS STL (Structured Text), PAS IL (Instruction List) and the graphics Program Editor PASmulti. Having been classified as an LVL language (Limited Variability Language), users are able to employ PAS LD and the other PAS Editors not only for automation tasks but also for safety-related tasks, without functional restrictions. So machine builders can create safety-related application programs using their usual development process.

The wide range of different editors available for PSS 4000 gives users the freedom to choose the programming tools for their automation tasks. Users also have access to a comprehensive library of software blocks for safety and automation functions, such as position detection, control and monitoring tasks or general safety-related monitoring functions such as emergency stop, which users can easily add to their own software blocks and user libraries.

About Pilz Automation Safety, L.P.

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