Food for thought about policies and values for protecting the safety of temporary and independent contract worker, stated on staffing firm Day & Zimmermann’s web site:

“We take on high-risk work in hazardous environments for some of the largest companies and government groups. Day & Zimmermann is selected to perform this work because we know how to do it safely and our customers have confidence in our proven safety record. We take these responsibilities seriously and are relentless in our commitment to preventing injuries and accidents, as demonstrated in our comprehensive safety organization, training, tools and programs.

A blend of policy and values

“We know that safety does not occur by chance. It is the result of careful attention to all company operations, by all who are directly and indirectly involved. It relies on a culture that drives employees at all levels to work diligently to execute our policy of maintaining occupational safety and health as our most important value and striving for the highest level of safety performance in all aspects of our business.

“Regard for the safety of our employees, our customers' employees and the public is the responsibility of every employee. And working safely is a condition of employment at Day & Zimmermann. All employees are empowered and obligated to manage and perform work activities in compliance with regulatory standards, company procedures and safe work practices. Safety is not simply another thing we look to control, it is what drives how we manage, perform and live. Our approach to safety unites management participation and leadership with employee ownership and the implementation of consistent policies across the organization.

Day & Zimmermann Safety Council

“Comprised of safety leaders representing each of Day & Zimmermann's business units, the Council exists to address emergent safety challenges across the variety of industries we serve. Reviewing each unit's safety performance and sharing lessons learned are just part of the Council's quarterly meetings. Annually, the Council plans a two-day summit, inviting key leadership and management personnel from across the company to participate in an intense review of the state of our safety culture, key trends and issues and strategic plans.

“Most recently, the challenges addressed by the group included off-the-job safety for our employees and pandemic preparedness for our own company and our customers' operations.”