Educational ResourcesA new document from IPIECA, the global oil and gas industry association for environmental and social issues provides guidance to operating companies, contractors and service companies on assessing risks of employees’ fatigue in the oil and gas industry. It sets out and illustrates a structured approach to performing a fatigue risk assessment and provides guidance on determining whether the assessed level of fatigue can be considered acceptable in different situations. A method of documenting and reporting an assessed level of fatigue risk is proposed, which could potentially be used to support cross-industry benchmarking.

Topics and resources include:

  • Approaches to fatigue risk assessment
  • A process for performing  a fatigue risk assessment
  • Quality assurance - Competence to perform a fatigue risk assessment
  • Estimating potential task for forklift truck operators, field operators, control room operators, etc.
  • The Prior Sleep Calculator
  • Recommended fatigue data recording

Click here to download the guidance from the IPIECA website.