Vendor NewsRadians, Inc., a leading manufacturer of quality personal protective equipment, announced that they will break ground this spring on an 80,000 square foot expansion of their existing Memphis operations where they recently installed state-of-the-art warehouse automation equipment allowing for high volume order processing. To leverage these investments, Radians will consolidate their Belmont, Michigan, operations into their newly enhanced headquarters operations in Memphis effective February 27, 2015.

Bill England, President of Radians, said, “Combining our Michigan and Memphis operations will allow us to service our customers more efficiently by consolidating duplicate inventories into a single location for Central and East customers. Radians continues to augment our product lines.  The expansion of the existing Memphis warehouse enables us to support our continued growth.”  

The Nevada warehouse will continue to serve the West and Mountain states.  The Nevada distribution center more than doubled its capacity last April when they moved from Sparks to Reno.

Radians remains committed to investing in USA-manufactured products in Thomasville, North Carolina, where they sew high visibility apparel, and in Memphis, where they produce foam earplugs.