Educational ResourcesBrady (NYSE:BRC), a global leader in product and facility identification solutions, today released its “RFID Integrated Labels for Flyable Asset Management” whitepaper. The report explores how the uses of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags are expanding in the aviation industry, and the many cost and performance benefits of these tags.

“After using RFID tags on replaceable airplane parts, the aviation industry has been experiencing benefits in value chain automation, component tracking and aircraft expansion time,” says Jennifer Smith, global product manager at Brady. “With these results, the industry is looking to expand the use of RFID tags. Our whitepaper further explains the design highlights and performance results of these tags, particularly our own B-1000 RFID Integrated Labels.”

RFID tags in aviation must be designed to withstand a wide variety of environments, such as metal surfaces, changing interior locations and extreme outdoor elements during flights. With fluctuations in temperatures, pressures and humidity, durability is an essential feature. Brady’s B-1000 RFID Integrated Labels are engineered to last the lifetime of the aircraft, allowing plane parts and their histories to be tracked throughout their lifecycle. This longevity can result in significantly reduced manual routines and paper administration.

The B-1000 RFID Integrated Labels are designed around four critical design features:

  • Surface Independence: The solution must work equally well on and off metal for both RF performance and durability.
  • Light Weight and Conformable: The solution must be flexible and light weight.
  • Marking Permanence: The print-durability must survive exposure to contaminants and abrasion both inside and outside of the aircraft.
  • Data Permanence: The data must be incorruptible.

To learn more about RFID labeling in the aviation industry, download our free whitepaper.

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