The Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Safety Culture Policy Statement includes a list of nine traits further defining a positive safety culture. These traits describe patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving that emphasize safety, particularly in goal conflict situations, such as when safety goals conflict with production, schedule or cost goals. The traits listed below are not all-inclusive. Some organizations may find that one or more of the traits are particularly relevant to their activities. There may also be traits not included in the Safety Culture Policy Statement that are important in a positive safety culture.

1 - Leaders demonstrate a commitment to safety in their decisions and behaviors.

2 - Issues potentially impacting safety are promptly identified, fully evaluated, and promptly addressed and corrected commensurate with their significance.

3 - All individuals take personal responsibility for safety.

4 - The process of planning and controlling work activities is implemented so that safety is maintained.

5 - Opportunities to learn about ways to ensure safety are sought out and implemented.

6 - A safety conscious work environment is maintained where personnel feel free to raise safety concerns without fear of retaliation, intimidation, harassment or discrimination.

7 - Communications maintain a focus on safety.

8 - Trust and respect permeate the organization.

9 - Individuals avoid complacency and continually challenge existing conditions and activities in order to identify discrepancies that might result in error or inappropriate action.

It is the Commission's expectation that all individuals and organizations, performing or overseeing regulated activities involving nuclear materials, should take the necessary steps to promote a positive safety culture by fostering these traits as they apply to their organizational environments. The Commission recognizes the diversity of these organizations and acknowledges that some organizations have already spent significant time and resources in the development of a positive safety culture. The Commission will take this into consideration as the regulated community addresses the Statement of Policy.

Source: Nuclear Regulatory Commission