The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and ASIS International (ASIS), the preeminent fire protection and security associations, have launched a joint initiative to address active shooter incidents. The two ANSI-accredited Standards Developing Organizations recognize the need to collectively address the intersections of security, safety and fire safety management to maximize protection of human and physical assets during active shooter incidents. Given the unpredictable and rapid nature of active shooter events, it is critical that schools and educational institutions, entertainment and sporting facilities, religious establishments, and organizations of all types and sizes, have the best tools at their disposal to manage security, safety, and fire risks associated with mass violence. 

A kick-off stakeholder meeting in Arlington, Virginia on January 19, 2016 will bring together over fifty standards developers, industry groups, and members of law enforcement, government, and academia to explore how to address administrative, management, and technology issues related to active shooter events.

“Active shooter incidents are unpredictable and evolve rapidly. Violent attacks at gatherings, businesses, and public facilities have significant consequences. It is essential to better prepare for and respond to these types of incidents,” says Dr. Marc H. Siegel, commissioner, ASIS Global Standards Initiative. “The intent of this meeting is to bring together the foremost active shooter experts from across the spectrum of security, fire, and safety in an effort to develop tools for organizations of any size and sector, to best protect human life and physical assets.” 

”Security, fire protection, and life safety communities need to develop a coordinated effort to address these low probability-high consequence events in our society,” says Robert Solomon, division manager, Building Fire Protection, NFPA. “By implementing the best technology, architectural, and management strategies, we can strengthen our defenses and resilience against active shooters. Given the short response time to active shooter incidents, people need the technology and training to buy time essential to survival, and to minimize losses and consequences of an attack.”

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Assessing the risks of an active shooter event
  • Actions to take to prevent and prepare for an active shooter event
  • Recognizing potential indicators of violence
  • Responding to an active shooter event
  • Actions to take when confronted by an active shooter
  • Communication and interfacing with law enforcement officials and first responders
  • Managing and mitigating the consequences of an active shooter event
  • Seamless integration between security and fire-safety measures and regulations

The objective is to provide guidance to organizations and individuals, to prepare for and minimize the likelihood of an event, as well as respond to and recover from an active shooter situation.  The meeting will identify the need for technology and management measures as well as awareness and training programs to enhance active shooter mitigation and emergency management.  The outcome of the NFPA/ASIS initiative will provide guidance for organizations to consider when developing tailored site-specific plans and procedures.

Organizations interested in attending the January 19, 2016 meeting should contact by December 11. Please note that space is limited. Contact Sue Carioti, director of ASIS Standards and Guidelines at +1-703-518-1416 or Robert Solomon, NFPA’s division manager, Building Fire Protection at +1-617-984-7464 for questions and additional information.

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