Harness Software has announced a unique partnership with the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association (MRCA) that will see the company help over 300 member contractors save time and money in the area of health & safety.

Launched in early 2015 and based in Stouffville, Ontario Canada (population approx. 38,000), Harness Software has quickly established itself as a leader in providing safety management applications to contractors on both sides of the border. In particular, Harness now counts several of the top 25 roofing companies in the US as customers.

“Harness software solves a real problem for our contractors” says Bob Pope, Executive Director of the MRCA. “With increasing regulation, administration of health & safety programs can get complicated and the costs for not complying can put companies out of business. Harness makes things easy to manage and helps them produce the kind of due diligence that they need.” Pope added.

For many construction-related firms and their personnel, using technology is still a challenge. Harness Software has addressed this through the iteration of a simple user interface that will seem familiar to those that may have been previously carrying clipboards or binders. “We spend a lot of time making sure that our users are comfortable with the app and we’ve built our stuff to be as flexible as possible so we can recreate any previous processes accurately.” says Tom Whitaker, Founder & CEO of Harness Software.  “We’re very excited at the chance to partner with the MRCA and help even more contractors make safety easy.” says Whitaker.

The partnership with MRCA has two aspects; the creation of a branded mobile application for iOS and Android to support the MRCA in house safety program called “SHARP”. This app is now live in both app stores and is free to use for MRCA members. The other aspect of the partnership is a preferred upgrade path for MRCA members that want to use Harness’ existing suite of features such as:

● Replacing paper forms for jobsite hazard analysis, equipment checklists, and more.

● Conducting & properly documenting weekly toolbox talks

● Tracking worker training records

● Storing and managing documents such as SDS

● Generating safety-related reports as needed.

As a full service provider, Harness does all the heavy lifting in the setup phase for each new customer. This is one element that sets Harness apart from other firms in the space. Harness will build the electronic versions of the forms, migrating existing safety data, and providing training to workers.  Because Hareness is designed to work the way companies needs it to, the transition from paper is usually very smooth because workers will often see the same forms and terminology that they’re used to seeing. “We have guys that are 50 years old and have never used a smartphone before. After a short training session, they’re off and running. They come

to me later and express about much easier Harness makes their lives.” says Whitaker.

Harness has experienced tremendous growth in 2016 and expects this trend to continue into

2017 and beyond. “We know that safety programs have been viewed as distractions to getting stuff done. When you can make things easier to manage, the negative view tends to change. This leads to better participation in the program and ultimately to a safer workplace. Our team wants to lead the charge in this area and help as many companies as possible.”

MRCA members that wish to download the SHARP safety app can do so by following the links below.  Full details on the partnership will be released during the MRCA Annual Conference on November 1st, 2016 in Columbus OH.

iOS (https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/mrca-sharp/id1150424782?mt=8)

Android(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.harnessup.mrca_sharp&hl=en) About Midwest Roofing Contractors Association:

The Midwest Roofing Contractors Association (MRCA) is an independent regional roofing contractors' association organized to assist member roofing contracting companies to prosper in their businesses by being a contractor advocate; acting as an industry spokesman; disseminating information to the membership by means of a bi-monthly newsletter; providing valuable education at annual conference; and being an active resource for members with technical, business management, safety and legal advice.

Contact: Rachel Pinkus - Managing Director

1.800.497.6722 www.mrca.org

About Harness:

Harness is a platform that makes managing safety programs easier for the construction industry. Used by thousands of contractors, Harness replaces paper forms, spreadsheets, clipboards,

and binders with intuitive web and smartphone experiences. Harness keeps track of all your safety data and makes it simple to capture, analyze, and share it. Harness reduces administration, increases safety, and lowers overall liability.


Tom Whitaker, Founder & CEO Canada +1 416-526-9081

US +1-716-226 0443 tom@harnessup.com www.harnessup.com