Companies can now get greater insight into their OSHA compliance performance with the new OSHA Diagnostic Audit service from J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

“Many companies have asked us for an even more robust solution for managing safety and compliance,” said Steve Murray, senior director of consulting services at J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. “This new service provides unparalleled insight into how companies can improve their compliance, manage risk, control insurance premiums, and reduce accidents and liability.”

The J. J. Keller® OSHA Diagnostic Audit begins with an onsite assessment by a J. J. Keller® consultant who audits and scores a company’s performance in over 450 areas covering 43 different OSHA compliance categories. Those scores are then compiled into a J. J. Keller® Compliance Risk Rating, which is a tool designed to measure a company’s risk exposure and performance against other companies, among their different locations, and against their past performance.

Companies using this service also receive a detailed Executive Report of their diagnostic audit, details of their individual scores, recommendations for making short- and long-term improvements, and the guidance of J. J. Keller’s regulatory specialists.

Murray added, “Our OSHA Diagnostic Audit goes far beyond a traditional compliance audit to thoroughly analyze a company’s safety management policies and procedures, employee training, hazard identification and controls, and more. It’s the most advanced tool for building a best-in-class OSHA compliance program.”

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