Health food stores are proliferating, more grocery stores are making room for health food sections and health experts are urging us to consume more fruits and veggies and less red meat, sugar, fast food and processed food – but has the notoriously unhealthy American diet gotten any better?

ReportLinker conducted a survey recently to examine Americans’ current health and eating habits.

Key findings:

When making nutrition choices:

  • Almost a third of Americans say they eat fast food weekly
  • 84% of people don’t eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day as advised by health professionals
  • 70% of people are not ready to have a vegetarian meal at least once a week
    47% of people eat meat everyday
  • And for 69% of vegans and vegetarians, health is the prime reason for making this lifestyle change, while 19% say they made the switch out of concerns for the environment.

When it comes to physical activities:

  • 72% of women are more likely to say they don’t work out or play sports compared to 45% of men
  • Millennials (aged 18 to 34) also tend to hit the trail or the gym more with 34% saying they train daily.

To see all the survey results click here.

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