New Pig, the leading brand that helps workplaces manage leaks, drips and spills to create safer, cleaner and more productive environments, has introduced a solution to two critical spill preparedness questions – "what are the risks in my facility?", and, "how exactly can I reduce spill risks?" - with an exclusive, patent pending algorithm. While the data gathering takes only minutes for a facility, the powerful algorithm performs more than 600 physics-driven calculations for each liquid area to help facilities understand their own specific spill risks and the steps necessary to reduce risk.  A new analysis shows that 94% of facilities have at least one critical spill risk, and many facilities that believe they are prepared are significantly underprepared for even incidental spills.

The algorithm asks six simple questions per area and takes less than 3 minutes per area to gather data.  Questions include type of area (e.g. battery storage, fuel station), volume of the largest liquid container, primary types of liquids stored or used in this area (e.g. water-based, corrosives.) When completed, the worksheet is emailed or texted to New Pig.  A comprehensive written report of nine risk factors in each area and potential spill diameters is provided in a few days.  Importantly, the report includes a view of spill risks across entire facility and exact steps to take to aid in compliance.

In addition, “Improvement Paths” are created for each area to show how exactly risks will be reduced by taking the recommended steps.  For example, the algorithm will describe the recommended total absorbency for the area, the maximum distance spill supplies and drain sealing supplies can be from the liquid area, among other factors.  Also, for users who send photos of their areas, “application blueprints” may be included to show specific applications discussed in the Improvement Path.

“Our intent was to provide physics-based guidance to facilities where regulations leave off,” said Andy James, New Pig sustainability manager. “Trying to follow vague regs that require a spill kit with ‘sufficient quantities’ of absorbents and spill kits ‘in areas where spills, leaks or ruptures may occur’ [29 CFR 1910.120(j)(1)(vii)] leaves facilities open to inspector interpretation.  We find that when provided with actual spill data, facilities are eager to take the steps to meet more a more helpful, meaningful guidance.”

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Andy James is the Sustainability Manager at New Pig, as well as Author and Instructor of Sustainability-Driven Innovation, a Master's course at The Pennsylvania State University. 

In recent years, his passion at New Pig has been focused around helping facilities prepare for spill emergencies as effectively as possible.  Whether it is researching and directing award-winning PIG Training courses or creating a patent-pending algorithm to precisely measure and reduce the spill risks a facility faces, his philosophy is simple: Challenge convention using a scientific approach to create tangible improvements in the real world.

Before his current role, Andy spent more than a decade advising some of the world's greatest brands as Brand Manager at New Pig and Senior Manager/Director of Concept Development at Olson Zaltman Associates.  His advisory partnerships have included leadership at Audi, T. Rowe Price, Pepperidge Farm, MillerCoors, Toyota, Microsoft, various non-governmental organizations and political campaigns, with keynote or invited speaker engagements at organizations as varied as the National E-tailing and Mail Order Association, the Advertising Research Foundation and the American Center for Life Cycle Assessment.

 A native of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, Andy is a Schreyer Honors Scholar at the Pennsylvania State University, where he holds a B.S. in Marketing, and is currently pursuing his Masters in Sustainability and Environmental Management from Harvard University.  He, his wife, Kristin and two children reside in Warrior’s Mark, PA.