One person was taken to the hospital after an explosion broke out at home in Westerlo, NY.

Seven different fire departments were called to respond to an explosion at 8 Slade Road in Westerlo. Firefighters said the fire was a tough blaze to put out.

"When we arrived we had numerous bottles of oxygen and assetline exploding in the structure itself," said Chief Don Filkins, assistant chief at Westerlo fire department. "It was a tough fire fight to get in because we couldn’t quell the flames fast enough until those bottles were burned off."

Firefighters said welding is to blame for the explosion that took place in garage beneath the home.

"Apparently there was some welding on a tank going on down in the basement and apparently there was a pin hole in the tank and as soon as they put a torch to it, it exploded," said Chief Filkins.

The flames tore through half of the home, but firefighters were able to stop it from spreading any further, but one person did get hurt.

“One occupant did get burns and I believe it was the individual that was welding in the basement— it’s not really a basement, it’s a garage underneath the house," said Chief Filkins, "but everyone else got out without injury, no injuries to firefighters at this time."

The Albany County Sheriff’s office will be investigating the fire.