A Wisconsin company that produces aluminum and steel castings has been cited by OSHA for continually exposing employees to machine hazards at its facility in Niagara, Wisconsin. The company faces $ 206,291 in penalties.

Koller Industries ‒ operating as Aurora Castings Services ‒ was cited for:

  • failing to use guards on bench and grinder stands
  • failing to train employees on lockout/tagout procedures and properly set grinder tongue and work rest adjustments
  • exposing employees to hazards associated with grinding wheel breakage
  • allowing employees to use damaged flexible electrical cords, and
  • not properly covering electrical openings.

OSHA cited the company for similar machine hazards following a November 2015 inspection.

“The failure to properly test grinding wheels for defects, and use machine guarding and safety procedures exposes employees to serious injuries,” said OSHA Area Director Robert Bonack, in Appleton, Wisconsin.

The company contested the citations and will now appear before the independent Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission.