If there is a “new sheriff in town,” as OSHA’s leaders proclaim, he’s not the strong, silent type of say, Gary Cooper in “High Noon.” No, the new OSHA sheriff is quite the conversationalist.

The agency held a day-long “listening session” in early March to hear out management and labor “stakeholders.” OSHA chief Dr. David Michaels and his deputy Jordan Barab have both participated in online Q&A sessions.

Next up, in the words of Dr. Michaels: “OSHA invites you to join us on Wednesday, April 7, 2010 from 1:45-2:30 pm EST for a web chat with you, our stakeholders, to solicit your views while we are constructing our new strategic plan. We want to collect and consider your ideas, suggestions, and concerns while refining our goals, strategies for achieving our goals and expected outcomes.

“To prepare for the web chat, go to the Department of Labor’s websitewww.dol.gov/_sec/stratplan/to see Secretary Solis’ video message, the strategic planning overview PowerPoint and the Secretary’s vision of “Good Jobs for Everyone.”

“To view the details of OSHA’s draft plan, go to:www.dol.gov/_sec/stratplan/2010/osha/

“Then, on April 7, access the web chat atwww.dol.gov/_sec/stratplan/chat/chat-osha.htm. During this time, you will be able to submit comments and questions regarding DOL and OSHA strategic planning and receive responses from OSHA leadership. You will also be able to follow our responses to other stakeholders as we post our replies live during the session.

“Our agency is committed to engaging the public and ensuring good jobs for everyone. We look forward to hearing from you on the 7th.”