The glove industry is changing because of new innovation and technology that is delivering the fundamental requirements of human physiology for glove performance such as the need for dexterity and touch sensitivity. There is now a revolutionary new category of work glove benefiting the consumer’s every needs. Glove companies can be “me-too” companies with little innovation and technology. They rely on visiting foreign factories and shop on pre-determined designs that add nothing but graphics and color schemes to inadequately performing products. The common compromise is to deliver poor performing gloves to our markets under the premise of cheaper “impulse buy” strategies.

To compete in this growing glove market, manufacturers have to understand consumer needs and buying habits. The consumer in today’s environment is looking for a glove with improved attributes relating to longevity, dexterity, comfort, grip and health. Key trends in health include a need for less fatigue, better skin protection and no latex, nitrile, or rubber related irritations, rashes, and allergic reactions.

Now, to be successful in the glove market, it’s all about finding innovative ways to refresh and modernize products in a way that is relevant to the market and delivers significant differentiation. Performance will pay a larger part in relation with affordability. Though rarely achieved, exceeding expectations is a goal of many companies, especially those driven by innovation. When innovation is in tune with people’s needs, then new product development and its market relevance become extremely rewarding.

Companies driven by innovation revitalize the market for everyday products by using novel material science to eliminate problems that most customers despise, but have resigned themselves to accept through a lack of product performance.

Bulky and ill-fitting gloves with little application of relevant technologies will become a thing of the past and it is now essential for glove companies to design products that are focused on the functional requirements of the customer: Without innovation and the application of technology, companies will struggle to keep up with today’s competitive environment.