OSHAOSHA recently issued several new Fact Sheets and QuickCards that provide important safety and health information for workers and employers in the construction, nanotechnology and maritime industries.

Cranes and Derricks in Construction: Wire Rope Inspection Fact Sheet (PDF*) describes the requirements in OSHA’s Cranes and Derricks standard for inspecting wire ropes used by cranes, derricks and hoists to lift and move heavy loads.

The Working Safely with Nanomaterials Fact Sheet (*PDF) provides basic information on the hazards of working with tiny materials of a near-atomic scale that can be inhaled, ingested or absorbed through the skin.

OSHA also recently issued QuickCards on protecting the safety of mechanics working in marine terminal shipyards and workers involved in marine cargo handling.

To order free copies of these QuickCards or other publications, call OSHA's Office of Communications at (202) 693-1999 or visit OSHA's Publications page online.

OSHA's New Compliance Assistance Products webpage puts links to OSHA's recently issued or updated compliance assistance products in one location for easy reference. Featured products released in January include Spanish-language media resources for OSHA's Fall Prevention Campaign, a healthcare clinicians webpage, and a hazard alert on diesel exhaust and particulate matter. Items listed on the page with an OSHA publication number can be downloaded or ordered from the OSHA Publications page. They can also be ordered by telephone from OSHA's Office of Communications at (202) 693-1999.