managementYou can’t have an ASSE professional development conference without a presentation by Dr. E. Scott Geller, one of the safety circuit’s most popular speakers and a university professor for more than 40 years.

“The Doc” is speaking this afternoon on “The Human Dynamics of Safety: 20 Safety-Management Errors with Simple Solutions.”

Says Dr. Geller in explaining his presentation: “Maintaining zero injuries requires widespread improvement in the human dynamics of organizational culture. However, safety leaders make serious mistakes that thwart employee engagement and optimization. This evidence-based presentation will define 20 of these errors and offer practical ways to overcome them, enabling the achievement of an injury-free workplace.”

Dr. Geller is currently Alumni Distinguished Professor at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, where he teaches psychology, and a senior founding partner in his consultancy, Safety Performance Solutions.

Writes Dr. Geller: “it’s discouraging and disappointing to see so much inaccurate information presented about people and their culture. As a result, a number of errors related to managing the human dynamics of safety are consistently made, and these can limit the beneficial impact of any safety-management process calling for authentic engagement of employees. “

Among those errors, Dr. Geller cites:

  • “Asserting all accidents are preventable.”
  • “Setting zero accidents as a safety goal.”
  • “Proclaiming safety is our number one priority.”
  • “Conducting accident investigations to find a root cause.”
  • “Measuring safety excellence exclusively with injury-rate data.”
  • “Believing attitude change must precede behavior change.”
  • “Believing incentive/rewards are de-motivating.”
  • “Believing safe habits are most desirable.”
  • “Believing behavior-based safety is interpersonal observation and feedback.”
  • “Doing more managing than leading.”