Venom face protection from Gateway SafetyIn a recent employee survey conducted by a national pharmaceutical company, 83 percent of those surveyed gave Gateway Safety’s Venom® Face Protection a positive review for fit and comfort. In comparison, only 32 percent of those surveyed gave other face protection products a positive review. The company implemented the survey in attempts to increase compliance and reduce complaints regarding the face protection products being offered to its employees. Survey participants reported that Venom fit well, especially over goggles; felt extremely comfortable; and provided a better fit overall.

Gateway Safety’s award-winning Venom Face Protection includes several unique features to ensure comfort and increase employee compliance. The headgear unit, available as a combination with or separate from the visor, has an extra-soft cloth brow pad to help absorb moisture. Plus, a three-part adjustment system, which includes a rotating ratchet feature, allows users to obtain the proper fit.

Venom Visors are made of .060"-thick polycarbonate, and are contoured in shape for both modern style and better facial coverage to block debris. In addition, Venom Face Protection promises top quality for impact hazards. Its been independently tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories to meet ANSI Z87.1+ and CSA Z94.3 standards.

Venom Visors are available in clear, clear anti-fog, and gray, as well as 3.0 and 5.0 IR Filter shades.

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