Gannett Fleming
Andy Kulik models a Tyvek® suit, half-face air purifying respirator, fall protection harness, hard hat, hearing protection, and 4 gas meter.

The nature of our work commands a culture of safety to ensure that employees are safe no matter where their location or job function — whether a staff member is stationed at a field jobsite or works in an office environment.

Gannett Fleming abides by its corporate Safety and Health Policy, which was originally adopted by the Gannett Fleming Board of Directors in 2001. With significant input and ongoing effort from the firm’s Corporate Safety Group and Safety Committee, the firm provides employees with safety programs and safe workplace practices. As such, safety takes a forefront on the firm's strategic action plan and the firm’s ongoing activities.

Safety Program Highlights:

  • Below industry average total recordable incident and experience modification rates
  • Local safety coordinators
  • Weekly safety tips on the internal news site, the Gannett News Network
  • Award-winning safety poster campaign to promote employee safety awareness
  • Online employee safety suggestion box
  • Corporate Safety IntraNet page
  • Annual safety awareness training for all employees
  • Safety-related performance goals for all employees
  • Workstation and workplace assessments
  • Job-specific safety courses in the firm's Learning Management System
  • Safety training offerings ranging from standard first aid to specialized rail training courses
  • Standard operating procedures for various types of hazards
  • Annual risk control assessment of all operations
  • Member of the National Safety Council
  • ISNet World client.

Behavior-Based Safety

Gannett Fleming has employed a behavior-based safety program for more than ten years. The program focuses on identifying and mitigating hazards in job safety analysis documents and during task observations with the goal of incident-free operations.

Safety at Work and at Home

To coincide with the National Safety Council's National Safety Month, June is designated as Safety Month at Gannett Fleming. Throughout the month, employees participate in various activities to showcase safety, such as training webinars, safety break meetings, and other safety-themed activi

Personal Protective Equipment Fashion Show Exemplifies Safety

As part of Gannett Fleming’s firm-wide safety month, employees throughout the company’s more than 60 offices participated in an array of activities to learn about safe practices for work and home. Throughout the month of June, employees participated in various events to showcase safety, such as training webinars, trivia contests, safety break meetings, and other safety-themed activities.

During the June 14, 2012, Safety Break at the firm’s corporate headquarters in Harrisburg, Pa., approximately 400 employees participated in an educational safety fair featuring booths about various safety topics. The marquee of the event was a fashion show featuring more than 35 employees dressed in personal protective equipment commonly used in the firm’s line of work.

“Safety takes a forefront on our firm’s Strategic Action Plan. Through our robust employee awareness campaign for workplace safety, we are able to offset our standard operating procedures and safety trainings with frequent communications and reminders about safety. The fashion show served as a forum to both entertain and educate staff about the importance of safety equipment, the availability of the gear, and the significance of planning ahead for any task,” said Paula J. Loht, CIH, corporate safety manager of Gannett Fleming, Inc.

A photo montage of the fashion show has been posted to Gannett Fleming’s YouTube channel. This footage also will be used for training the firm’s network of regional office safety coordinators and 2,000 employees.

Gannett Fleming maintains a below industry average total recordable incident and experience modification rates.

Gannett Fleming Earns Perfect Record Award

The National Safety Council (NSC) has awarded Gannett Fleming a Perfect Record Award for 24 months without a lost-time accident.

The NSC Perfect Record Award recognizes the firm’s safety culture and two years without incurring an occupational injury or illness that resulted in days away from work in its more than 60 offices throughout the U.S.

“Gannett Fleming has placed a strategic focus on developing a robust workplace safety communication program and educating employees about how to identify and avoid hazards,” said Paula J. Loht, CIH, CSP, the firm’s corporate safety manager.

With nearly 30 areas of practice and employees serving in a wide array of work conditions and locations, Gannett Fleming provides hazard-specific training to all staff.

In tandem with a strong corporate safety program, the firm works to meet the specialized safety requirements of each client and project site. Gannett Fleming maintains a below industry average total recordable incident and experience modification rates.