Vendor NewsMount Vernon FR continues to expand its selection and variety of flame resistant (FR) denim fabrics with the introduction of Phoenix TC denim. Phoenix TC denim is a new Tencel® and cotton blend, developed to enhance the softness and comfort of FR jeans without a tradeoff in durability. Bulwark, a leading manufacturer of FR apparel, is adopting this new technology in upcoming denim jeans.

Tencel and cotton are ideal partners for denim. Tencel is a cellulosic fiber like cotton, yet it is the strongest cellulosic fiber available and is used to make fabrics softer and more comfortable without sacrificing performance. Despite the added strength, denim made with Tencel feels lighter than its true weight. The smooth surface of Tencel makes fabrics inherently softer and more comfortable without the reliance on chemical softeners, which may not be durable.

“We are committed to designing, developing and distributing the best FR garments, without compromise,” said Robert Grimes, Managing Director for Bulwark. “Phoenix TC denim adds a greater level of comfort to the durability and protection that are expected in our FR denim jeans. Bulwark garments made with Phoenix TC denim will be a great option for our electric utility and oil and gas customers, and they will provide real solutions to some of the challenges being faced by safety professionals.”

According to a recent study of 400 environmental, health and safety professionals, conducted by Mount Vernon FR in conjunction with the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), 91 percent of all respondents rated the combination of comfort and durability as important to their purchase of FR fabrics. However, only 58 percent of respondents say that they are satisfied with the comfort of the FR fabrics they are currently purchasing, and only 57 percent are satisfied with the durability. The results of the survey represent nearly a half-million employees that wear flame resistant clothing (FRC) on the job.

“Our research shows that safety managers may be making some compromises when it comes to the comfort and durability of FR apparel, which they shouldn’t have to do,” said Mike Woods, vice president of FR fabrics for Mount Vernon FR. “Phoenix TC denim gives them more of what they want in FR jeans – both comfort and durability, without having to make any tradeoffs. FR jeans made with Phoenix TC denim may well be the most comfortable pair of jeans workers will wear.”

Phoenix TC denim is component certified to NFPA 2112 standards and is ASTM F1506 compliant.

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