New PigNew Pig, a global leader in containing industrial leaks, drips and spills, has introduced the PIG® Latching Lid for 30-gallon Poly Drums – the only latching lid designed for open-head poly drums. The Lid provides fast, easy access to drum contents and helps facilities meet closed container regs.

Engineered for fast use, the Lid’s lockable latching handle easily opens and closes with one hand, allowing wastes to be added to the collection drum quickly and efficiently.  To facilitate easy removal of contents when the collection container needs to be emptied, a hinge pin allows the lid to be completely removed without loosening the band around the drum.  A 3” wide EVA gasket and locking mechanism seals the Lid to keep drum contents dry and pure and minimize fugitive emissions.  Because poly drums differ slightly in size, spacers are included with the Lid to help it fit the five most common poly drums.  

The Lid features a durable, chemical-resistant powder coat to help ensure a longer service life.  To learn more about this product, please visit or call 1-800-HOT-HOGS.

Helps comply with 40CFR 264.173 requiring hazardous waste containers to be kept closed.