• 23x increased likelihood of being in an accident if texting while driving compared to driving while not distracted
  • 89% of American adults think sending text messages or e-mails while driving is distracting, dangerous and should be outlawed
  • 41 states in the U.S. have laws that ban sending text messages while driving

Drive responsibly with Safely Go

Even when you know the facts about texting and driving, it can be hard not to check or respond to messages while you're on the road. Verizon Wireless’s Safely Go app automatically receives and responds to your calls and texts, so you can focus on driving and stay responsibly connected.

Verizon Wireless is committed to providing drivers with information they can consider when deciding whether to use a wireless device while driving. Please remember that when you are behind the wheel, safe driving is your responsibility and should always be your first priority.

If you choose to use your wireless phone while driving, several jurisdictions have adopted "hands-free" and other restrictions on the use of wireless devices while driving. It is your responsibility to know and to comply with the law in your area.

Additional research

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), current scientific research indicates that using a wireless phone while driving degrades a driver's performance, whether with a hands-free or hand-held wireless phone. NHTSA advises that the safest course of action is to refrain from using a wireless phone while driving.

Consider turning your phone off and allowing calls to go to voicemail while driving—for your safety and that of those around you.

Source: Verizon Wireless

A sample company policy on distracted driving, from Distraction.gov www.distraction.gov

[Company Name] Distracted Driving Policy

Please read the Distracted Driving Policy, sign and return to your supervisor.

In order to increase employee safety and eliminate unnecessary risks behind the wheel, [Company Name] has enacted a Distracted Driving Policy, effective [Date]. We are committed to ending the epidemic of distracted driving, and have created the following rules, which apply to any employee operating a company vehicle or using a company-issued cell phone while operating a personal vehicle:

Company employees may not use a hand-held cell phone while operating a vehicle – whether the vehicle is in motion or stopped at a traffic light. This includes, but is not limited to, answering or making phone calls, engaging in phone conversations, and reading or responding to emails, instant messages, and text messages.

If company employees need to use their phones, they must pull over safely to the side of the road or another safe location.

Additionally, company employees are required to:

  • Turn cell phones off or put them on silent or vibrate before starting the car.
  • Consider modifying voice mail greetings to indicate that you are unavailable to answer calls or return messages while driving.
  • Inform clients, associates and business partners of this policy as an explanation of why calls may not be returned immediately.

[Company consequences for failing to follow policy]

I acknowledge that I have received a written copy of the Distracted Driving Policy, that I fully understand the terms of this policy, that I agree to abide by these terms, and that I am willing to accept the consequences of failing to follow the policy.

_________________________________________                   ______________________

Employee Signature                                                                                       Date



Employee Name (printed)