HeliOffshore and GE Aviation have signed an agreement to develop and implement digital solutions for a global safety data management system for the offshore helicopter industry. The system will be deployed in phases beginning this year.

This effort will bring together GE’s extensive data and analytics technology and expertise with HeliOffshore’s safety leadership to provide deeper analytics and analyses to yield more insights into ways operators, manufacturers, and the oil-and-gas industry can maximize the safety of offshore helicopter operations.

“We are eager to be a part of such an important step forward for the offshore helicopter industry,” said Jim Daily, chief digital officer for GE Aviation. “With the power of GE’s Predix behind the safety leadership of HeliOffshore, this team will have state-of-the-art tools to analyze helicopter operations and provide insights to help drive safer operations across the entire offshore rotorcraft space.”

HeliOffshore has already laid the groundwork for sharing data and information under its InfoShare program. Through the program, operators exchange safety event information and have begun to share data, including from anonymized flight data monitoring and their health and usage monitoring systems.

Gretchen Haskins, HeliOffshore’s CEO, sees this partnership as an important component in the drive to enhance safety to the benefit of everyone who works offshore.

“The ability for multiple stakeholders to share safety data that helps target actions faster to enhance safety in the frontline is a huge step forward. GE’s track record of delivery in the fixed wing sector will help us to make this a practical reality for our industry,” said Haskins.

Source: GE Aviation Press Release