Vendor NewsDSM Dyneema, owner of the Dyneema® brand, succeeded in its action against a third party application for a Chyneema trademark. Following two years of procedures, the official trademark authorities in South Korea, Canada, EU and the USA have all accepted DSM Dyneema's opposition and rejected the application. 

Opposition against the trademark application was formally filed by DSM Dyneema in 2012 in the various jurisdictions. In rejecting the application, the trademark authorities upheld DSM Dyneema's argument that the Chyneema name is too similar to the Dyneema® brand. DSM Dyneema argued that the Chyneema name could create confusion with end-users buying sub-quality products and not receiving the quality and performance they have been led to expect. This could result in (serious) accidents or damage. Moreover, such confusion could negatively impact the reputation of the Dyneema® brand. 

DSM Dyneema has a policy to vigorously defend its IP position. By doing so, the company protects its portfolio of proprietary high performance products, brings added value to its customers and partners, and ensures that end users can rely on high quality and performance of their applications made with Dyneema®.