Does the holiday season have you indulging in too much fattening food and too many adult beverages? Do the festivities leave you with little time for your regular workouts? Do family gatherings re-ignite old conflicts or usher in new ones? (Oh, those political arguments between Uncle Mike and Cousin Betty!)

The season to be jolly can actually be stressful and unhealthy, but there are strategies you can use to keep your sanity and maintain your health, say the experts.

Getting back to a reasonable routine as quickly as possible is the goal, but short-term, here are a few tips from the experts:

If you eat too much sugar, as in pies, cakes and Christmas cookies: Go for a brisk walk, to burn off extra calories and minimize the energy dip that can occur after a sugar rush.

If you eat too much salt, which can be found in gravy, stuffing and soup, among other sources: Drink lots of water.

If you drink too many alcoholic beverages: Drink a sports drink before bed, in order to replace lost electrolytes and lessen the dehydration that alcohol can cause.

If you feel stressed and emotionally drained by family strife: make time for and do healing things for yourself during the holidays, like taking walks, meditating and enjoying a favorite hobby.